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This is the personal page of Valentin Haenel. I am a freelance software engineer, consultant and trainer based in Berlin, Germany. I wrote a book on Git, am involved in the organziation of the PyData-Berlin-Meetup and am one of the core developers of the Blosc project.


The following is a non-exhaustive set of ideas for projects that I would be interested in. It is based on both completed projects and potential interests.

If you see something that matches your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote! (Even if none of the above match your requirements exactly, but you still think I'd be suitable, let's talk!)


More About Me

I am a software engineer with an academic background and a t-shaped skills profile. My two main areas of expertise are Git and Python, but I am also very knowledgeable on algorithms, data compression, scientific computing, C programming, clean code, software testing and agile development. I have some experience in theoretical computer science, statistics and machine learning, computational neuroscience, devops, cloud computing, deployment automation and data centre monitoring.

Over the past ten years I have worked in many different environments, for example:

This has provided me with a very insightful perspectives as to how company culture and mindset shape the day-to-day operations and approaches of employees. I always try and use these insights to integrate better into new working environments and understand why groups work the way they do.

I have several years of experience as a trainer/teacher, having taught programming courses for PhD Students, various tutorials at international conferences and Git trainings at companies throughout Germany. I am interested in presentation techniques, public speaking and developing effective and flexible training materials. I am always willing and prepared to share my knowledge and learn new things.

Furthermore, I am well versed in the principles of Open Source development. I have contributed to a diverse selection of over 50 Open Source projects and have a good understanding of distributed and asynchronous development models. I am familiar with the best practices for written communication and submitting bug-reports.

Lastly, am an experienced and passionate command-line-UNIX user who has been using Linux extensively since 1999.


Academic Achievements

After I obtained a degree in computer science from the University of Edinburgh, I went on to obtain a degree in computational neuroscience from the Bernstein Zentrum in Berlin. From Dec 2011 – Dec 2012 I worked as a scientific software developer for the Blue Brain Project at the EPFL in Lausanne.

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